Our Origins

The Alchemist spent her childhood frolicking in her mother’s extravagant gardens and vineyard in the South of France, where she discovered the sensual serenity scents impart upon their wearer. 

From picking fragrant flowers in the garden, to muddling herbs in her marbled pestle and mortar with which to concoct potions - aromas have always amazed her with their capacity to calm an anxious mind. 

After graduating from a program in communications and language studies (Journalism & Japanese), where she wrote a thesis on semantics of etymology in the search for a common thread between West Africa and East Asia and that of the language between gods and mortals, The Alchemist went on to study with some of the greatest palates in the culinary world, oenos of the wine world and noses in the fragrance world, honing her craft creating scents alongside some of the top houses & fashion brands in France.

In 2020, The Alchemist launched a limited luxury line of her own Parfums to critical acclaim. 

The Alchemist works with female harvesters in upcycling and selling the resinous and floral waste from the perfume making process, in order to improve women’s economic status through aromatherapy. 

Each mystical fragrance she creates is guided by Spirit, and contains an atom of her magical essence within - elevating your life to attract your deepest desires to you.