Meet The Alchemist


Mystical and Hypnotic..

For centuries, people have taken instinctive pleasure in rubbing scents into their skin; using them to make love...and for war.

Yet in many ways, L'Art du Parfum - with its sensual, spiritual and creative possibilities - is a lost art.

With Incense Water, The Alchemist unearths a forgotten, yet magical world of natural essences and its profound resonance with Body, Mind, and most importantly - Spirit.

...An Olfactory Poet

The Alchemist creates compositions equivocal to mock curtseys to Shumukh (which means “deserving the highest" in Arabic and at AED 4.752 million /£1.034 million is the most expensive perfume in the world).

She creates intoxicating elixirs that are a miasma of dark stewed fruits, hefty Incense, animalic Leather & Castoreum, sensual spices like Cloves and Artemisia attempting their unholy seduction in the background.

Her creations are more 'noir' than most modern perfumes that have the word half a dozen times in their naming.

Incense Water elixirs boast of Mysteries that could Shadow a Thousand Suns

and Effulgence that Radiates Through the Twilight.


Experience the Energy & Manifest your Magic with The Mystical One.

Metaphysical meaning of Keturah (mbd)
Keturah, ke-tu'-rah (Heb.)--incense; fragrant smoke; fragrance; perfume; aloe-wood.

Meta. A phase of the soul consciousness that, though still in sense, aspires to higher things for the body. Through this sincere desire of the soul for higher and purer realizations of Truth, the animal nature is refined, and thus prepared for transmutation. (Burning of “Incense” symbolizes the process of transmutation; fragrance, perfume, bespeaks aspiration.)

According to the African writer Olaudah Equiano, the 18th-century English theologian John Gill believed the African people were descended from Abraham and Keturah.

Ethereal by nature, The Alchemist believes that in perfumery it is as much about Protection as it is about Seduction.